Ad operations are crucial for a publisher’s success. There is no room for errors in ad operations, as it helps support the sale and delivery of online advertising. This is when our team of experts can help! We have a pool of experts with hands-on experience in managing on-site campaigns. As one of the leading marketing agencies in Abu Dhabi, our experts can tailor all variables at par with our client’s project objectives. They monitor the ads and ensure that they deliver the intended results. For the campaign’s success, we also tweak and adjust the campaigns depending on the traffic generated.

Our USP lies in maintaining complete transparency and working in tandem with your team to deliver tangible results. We also offer customizable solutions, keeping in mind the unique needs of every business. Our PPC agency Abu Dhabi team remains online as per gulf timings and works Monday through Friday. We are experts at managing campaigns across Google ad manager, Open X, and Zedo.

Why Do You Need Digital Ad Operations?

Digital Ad operations is a holistic concept that encompasses various systems helping businesses better establish, plan, execute, and improve various ad campaigns, including Pay Per Click (PPC) campaigns. As a prominent PPC agency in Abu Dhabi, we offer our clients innovative and unique ideas that help them run creative digital ad campaigns. Our team of experts strives to deliver and manage ads using ad exchanges, ad networks, ad servers, DMPs, and SSPs.

Our Google ads management team at AdaptMedia helps in establishing floodlights that develop triggers for Google Tag Manager. We earned a reputation of being one of the most popular digital marketing teams in Abu Dhabi and take pride in maximizing potential ad revenue without hindering target customers’ user experience.

Our Aspects of Ads Operations

Our ad operations team at AdaptsMedia is proficient in handling multiple publisher accounts. As a prominent digital marketing agency in Abu Dhabi, we are responsible for the following actions:

We at AdaptsMedia, through our Pay Per Click (PPC) campaign, ensure an influx of traffic. We place the ad at the top of the search engines like Google Search and on non-search websites, mobile applications, and videos. Since Google accounts for over two-thirds of all search queries in Abu Dhabi, we focus more on Google Ads for better and more effective advertising. Our approach helps our clients make their websites and business visible to their customers.

Instagram Ads

Instagram is another popular social media network with a billion active users every month. As a prominent digital marketing agency in Dubai, we leverage the reach of Instagram for increasing the traffic and ultimately the revenue of our client’s small business. We create the most engaging ads that would help you achieve a cost-effective way to promote your business and reach all your potential customers. 

YouTube Ads

Our YouTube ads target potential customers so that they can take action whenever they watch and search for videos on YouTube. Watching videos on YouTube channel broaden the reach and build better brand awareness. The best part of YouTube advertising is that our clients need to pay the minimum per view or action and gain better conversions. 

Facebook Ads

With over 2.91 billion monthly active users on Facebook, our clients prefer Facebook advertisements. We cater to the needs and preferences of our clients and strive to convert visitors into paying customers through Facebook ads.

Our team of experts helps our clients set their desired cost for their Pay Per Click (PPC) campaign through Google shopping ads. Our ad operators can help you list your products and websites at the top of the Google Search Results. If you have a business that tracks both sales and budget, Google Shopping Ads is the best choice.

Why Choose AdpatsMedia?

With us, you can get rid of managing, optimizing, and delivering content. If you are seeking ways to maximize your revenue potential, we at Adapts Media, as a prominent digital marketing agency in Abu Dhabi, can help you in optimizing your monthly sales with our Google ads management capabilities. We strive to offer our clients comprehensive, end-to-end ad operation services. Our professionals are also experts at addressing programmatic and address bidding models and maximizing overall revenue.