Programmatic Advertising Solutions changed the scenario of online advertising. As the digital media ecosystem grows, consumers benefit from increased automation, personalization, and efficiency. However, with benefits came complicacy, separating customers and sellers, and limiting innovation across the board. As a result, there was less transparency, more muddled reporting, and fewer growth opportunities. We at Adapts Media are successfully addressing the challenges of maturing and emerging digital media demands. 

We help brands to leverage potential media platforms and generate sales and revenue. We are adept at strategizing custom programmatic marketing strategies that meet the requirements of every client. We have a highly proficient team adept at managing advertising campaigns on every popular platform.


Reach Users at Scale Quickly and Safely

One of the attributes of DV360 is its large-scale reach, spanning over 80 exchanges. If your goal is to attract new users through branding and insights-driven engagement, DV360 should be the best option. The platform allows for a better level of detail of each in response to industry-wide demands for more control over brand viewability and safety. Viewability targeting facilitates ad spend efficiency, while post-bid blocking prevents the ad from reflecting along with improper content. DV360 synchronizes all main third-party verification technologies for an additional price to increase overall safety and ad fraud. 

Massive Audience Purchasing Skills

DV360 provides Private Marketplace and Programmatic Guaranteed deals set up within the interface, delivering a good option for direct media buying strategy. Brands will also get a user-friendly troubleshooting feature that offers great flexibility for targeting audiences. The interface contains the GDPR compliant third-party database, which helps brands to target the right demography.

The benefit of data insight is that it allows fine-tuning every component of your ad spends. The powerful DV360 dashboard also provides the feasibility to target sectors or individual consumers. With our knowledge and experience, we can help you take advantage of DV360’s insights-driven engagement capabilities, delivering you more targeted traffic while lowering your advertising expenses.

Reporting Based on Insights

If your display activity is all about obtaining insights and knowing your target phase, DV360 provides some amazing studies about the market. Audience composition and performance reports allow advertisers to see how third-party lists compare to current activity and categorization against first-party data. Reach reports provide additional information on the number of viewers reached by your display campaigns and, as a result, the number of times they served an impression.

Streamlined Workflow Throughout the Google Marketing Platform

The importance of these platforms being utilized together is best reflected by Google’s decision to merge the DoubleClick stack products into one unified marketing platform (GMP). For example, there are considerable workflow benefits when features from Campaign Manager, Google’s ad-serving technology (previously DCM), and Studio, Google’s creative workflow tool, are integrated.

Before launching your DV360 campaign, our experts will always work with you to develop a real-world media buying strategy that will help in targeting the right audience with the right media for the brand.


Your organization will have special access to Amazon data and analysis tools when you add Amazon DSP to your advertising toolkit. Here’s why Amazon DSP should matter to your business.

Amazon DSP is a demand-based platform that allows businesses to reach relevant audiences programmatically on and off Amazon through commercial partners on third-party exchanges. Amazon holds the most extensive database about online purchasers at all phases of the customer journey and across a wide range of retail categories.

The Amazon DSP campaigns boost recognition and return on ad spend (ROAS). Advertising on Amazon DSP permits brands to take advantage of Amazon’s extensive data. The most exciting thing is that it is similar to digital advertising on Facebook or Google. Our digital experts implement strategic remarketing and data collection tactics to drive valuable top-of-funnel awareness among the prospects. We build lookalike, lifestyle, and in-market audience segments, while also driving them further down the funnel to the considering and buying intent phases. 

  • Facebook knows what you like, Google knows what you search, but Amazon knows what you buy. 
  • Amazon uses first-party deterministic data to target people across their e-commerce platform and AWS (Amazon Web Services) for marketing purposes.
  • It has a vast amount of first-party data, which is especially useful in the post-iOS 14+ era, where signal loss makes performance tracking more difficult. 

We work on this platform along with brands to ensure that the content and campaigns don’t appear obtrusive and that they’re only displayed to users who have the permissions they require.

As a leading Amazon DSP marketing agency, we have the resources to assist you in launching your products and growing your business. We use audience targeting and dynamic ads to increase earnings and save time.


Huawei Ads is a smart and powerful advertising platform where advertisers compete to target Huawei users. It offers the flexibility to deliver targeted campaigns or industrial ads to Huawei device users through its advertising solution. Regardless of your goal, from complete exposure to sales, by engaging and linking your brands to the Huawei audience, you’ll be able to achieve it.

Why Go for HUAWEI Ads?

HUAWEI Ads Publisher Service might be a legal monetization service that uses Huawei’s extensive data-gathering capabilities to display high-quality content in your apps to Huawei massive user base. Furthermore, HUAWEI Ads offers smart and acceptable technology to facilitate the media buying process, from premium and unique HMS content to boosting scale with third-party applications.

We at Adapts Media track metrics like awareness, share of voice, article sentiment, and how the brand is performing compared to competitors and how it influences consideration and purchase intent in real-time. This is handled by a separate team to ensure that everyone is updated. We believe that there is always a better approach to growth. We use media, content, and technology to reshape consumer decision-making and experiences, resulting in the growth of our clients. Our team understands where and how marketing can intervene decisively to help firms gain more sales. Our professionals have the in-depth expertise, confidence to help your business flourish.