SMS Advertising

SMS works as a great reminder for any marketing campaign. SMS or “short message service” is the way businesses communicate with their customers through text messages about their campaigns, news, the launch of new products, promotions, and much more. SMS marketing, similar to email marketing, is an owned channel. 

Text advertising is one of the most effective forms of marketing. SMS are likely to be opened as soon as they are being received. Targeted SMS marketing services from a trusted agency works as a great reminder for any marketing campaign.

Our expert SMS campaign managers will help you deliver the right SMS to the right audience within the target group and analyze the performance to make sure desired campaign objectives are achieved.

Professional SMS Marketing Solutions Tailored for Your Business. Our team of experts at Adapts Media leaves no stones unturned in enhancing the businesses of our clients. Our SMS messaging services are tailored to establish communication with your target audience and build engagement and sales.

Here are our core areas of expertise: 

Promotional Text Messages

Promotional text messages inform potential and existing customers about the launch of a product or build brand awareness about an existing product. We strive to offer our clients creative and engaging promotional text messaging services to help them thrive in a competitive business landscape. Our team of writers is adept at curating compelling copies, be it the launch of a new product, promoting a special sale and promotion, or company announcements.

At Adapts Media, we strive to provide our clients with event-triggered promotional SMS messages. These messages are communications that our clients send to their customers based on the actions they perform on the websites. For instance, when a shopper signs up to receive text messages from our clients’ brands or adds an item to the cart from the website, we can help our clients send them a welcome text or an abandoned cart text, which encourages the customers to place an order with our clients.

Transactional Text Messages

These messages comprise all the information that your business may need to continue the communication with the customers, such as details regarding order confirmation, and shipping information. Whenever a customer purchases, our SMS campaign Dubai can help you curate messages informing them about the order status, delivery, etc. Text messages are an excellent way to keep them informed and increase customer loyalty.

Why Does Our Clients Love Our SMS Marketing Campaign? 

Improves Communication

As a full-service SMS marketing company in Dubai, we understand that communication is the key for building any form of a long-term relationship, and an SMS marketing campaign is an excellent option. Whether it is about their discounted sales offer, a thank you message after the audiences complete a purchase, informing them about the seasonal offers, delivery details, our SMS marketing solutions aim to build a seamless communication between our clients and their customers.

High Open Rates

Our messages have one of the highest open rates in the industry. About 98% of the messages sent by SMS campaign team of Adapts Media are opened. We use tracking tools for each of our campaigns and the analytics tools speak for us. 

To The Point 

At Adapts Media, we ensure that the text is concise and accurately delivers the message our customers want to send. We ensure that it’s not more than 160 characters. The short messages ensure that the information your customers receive is short and exactly what our clients want to say. While you inform something important to your customer, getting straight to the point is of utmost importance, This way, you tell your customers what you want them to know. We strive to make our SMS easy to read, which is beneficial for our clients and their customers alike.

Better Conversion Rate

Even with high usage messaging applications, we, at Adapts Media understand that the advantages of SMS in business are plenty. Our SMS campaign in Dubai witnessed better conversion rates than all the counter parts. With Adapts Media’s SMS marketing campaign, we ensure that more customers visit our clients’ businesses. Over the years, we have ensured that our SMS campaign has helped our clients reach thousands of customers.


We at Adapts Media offer SMS marketing campaigns to our clients through cloud messaging services. This is not only a budget-friendly option but also a convenient way of getting the job done with precision. Our customized SMS marketing solutions have helped our clients reach thousands of customers faster and in a hassle-free way. Besides, when compared to other forms of marketing, SMS marketing campaigns yield better results at lower investments. 

Schedule a one-on-one consultation with our campaign managers today and get your business flowing with the best SMS marketing company in Dubai.