Regarding the technological aspect of advertising and marketing strategy, we can see a significant transition over the years. Adapts media is one biggest digital marketing companies in Dubai, and we are connected to thousands of organizations taking PR and Media support from us. As a digital marketing company, we try to deliver the best results we can give in a promised period. 

Media Planning And Buying is one of the most effective ways of marketing a product or launching a new product in the market. In media planning, we determine the most influential media marketing tools we can follow to provide our clients with the most optimum results. It involves looking for various digital and offline marketing spaces to offer our customers the most benefits and reach.  

Once the media planning face ends, media buying follows. Media buying majorly focuses on getting the most impressions from the targeted audience at the most low cost. In media buying, we rent various digital and offline pages for a specific time to run their campaign at a minimum price. We also negotiate with multiple Ads publishers and are responsible for setting, starting, and optimizing the Ads budget for the same. We try to put a brand or product in front of the target audience, whether watching a TV show or scrolling through their phones.