Artificial Intelligence has penetrated various industries and verticals and created waves globally. It has extended its new roots to novice sectors of the economy and streamlined operations in many others. In the Digital Marketing arena, intelligent chatbots have made advertising and marketing a doddle and improved the overall digital marketing experience for marketers and consumers. 

This blog aims to highlight the concept of AI Marketing and to understand its scope.

What is AI Marketing?

AI marketing is a backend support system of digital marketing that uses artificial intelligence technology to analyse consumer behaviour through data and personalised, engaging content that resonates with its target audience. 

It has a massive scope because of its efficiency and accuracy in data analysis, content curation and predictive analytics, and other attributes. 

AI marketing can help brands and content marketing services better understand their target audiences, optimise marketing delivery, and stay agile as trends evolve.

Some most used AI marketing solutions include chatbots, image recognition, personal assistants, deep learning, and dynamic content optimisation. 

AI Marketing applications

With several use cases in the picture, AI marketing can resolve several aspects of marketing, including data analysis, natural language processing, machine learning, content curation and optimisation, predictive analytics, and more. 

Analysing customer data to understand their interests and preferences, curating content based on those interests, optimising content delivery to ensure it reaches the target audience at the right time, and predicting future trends are challenging but easily done by AI.

Similarly, Artificial intelligence in marketing helps to streamline administrative activities, such as handling customer service requests and providing reports.

AI in Data Analysis: AI is used to identify a consumer journey, such as purchase history, demographics, and preferences. Understanding customer behaviour helps curate a better marketing strategy.

Natural Language Processing (NLP): It interprets customer conversations to gauge their needs and interests better, and gives a human touch to customer service interactions. 

Machine Learning: This aspect of AI is used to develop predictive models that forecast customer behaviour. 

AI in Content Curation and Optimisation: Creating content was never this easy and AI helps create personalised experiences tailored to each customer’s preferences. 

AI for Predictive Analytics: Identifying future opportunities and risks in the market is imperative as this helps identify growth and mitigate risks. AI helps predict future trends and guides business decisions.ย 

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How to Create an AI Marketing Strategy?

Designing a workable AI-based marketing strategy requires precise planning and thorough research. 

To develop an AI marketing strategy, entities should follow the steps mentioned below.

Identifying goals: The first step towards designing a workable marketing strategy is identifying the goals to achieve through AI marketing. This will help decide the AI marketing tools and ways to implement them. 

Gathering relevant customer data: Understanding the customer through data-centric and insightful surveys and social media polls is important. Customers’ preferences can be gleaned via surveys, and social media activity can provide light on patterns in consumer behaviour. 

Additionally, organisations can use AI-driven analytics to gain more insights into customer behaviour and purchase decision-making. With this information, businesses may provide customers with bespoke services and help with targeted advertising.

Creating personalised and targeted campaigns: After data gathering, the relevant AI marketing tools help create a personalised customer experience. 

The market brims with numerous AI-powered marketing tools which assist in creating customer-oriented campaigns. These tools include Adobe Target, Optibot, 6sense, Segment, Zoho CRM Plus, Howler AI, and Phrase. 

These tools help capture customer data, identify consumer trends and behaviours, and create more targeted campaigns.

Using AI to Enhance Content: Content curators can improve their writing by adding AI-driven suggestions and customisation. AI further helps enhance customer service by building more effective marketing funnels and choosing the most appropriate programmes and tools.

Measuring Growth and Success: Finally, entities need to measure the success of the AI marketing campaigns and adjust their strategy accordingly. 

Additionally, businesses must hire data science experts to ensure the implemented AI strategy is comprehensive and successful.

Finally, Artificial Intelligence is overtaking human intervention radically and has tremendous commercial potential. In light of AI’s vast potential, the next age of conversational interfaces holds massive promise. But to use AI to enhance digital marketing solutions is challenging without proper guidance and hand-holding by a team adept in its concepts. 

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