Over the last few decades, we have seen a drastic shift in how businesses do marketing. Earlier, when offline marketing mediums like newspapers and magazines dominated the narrative, they have now been replaced by online mediums like social media. With the increase in the population of people in the digital space, it is more likely that we might see companies leveraging the opportunity to create new marketing trends that benefit them. That said, we have got you a list of these trends that are going to be the future of digital marketing.

Rise In Social Commerce

Since the current generation spends a considerable amount of time on social media, companies have started incorporating shoppable posts that redirect customers to their e-commerce page, enabling them to buy directly from there. So, it becomes necessary for brands to focus on improving the overall social commerce experience by creating compelling marketing copies. Moreover, social media algorithms and features are also going to make things easy and increase brand awareness.

Interactive Hoardings And Digital Billboards

While there is nothing wrong with ordinary hoardings, interactive hoarding tends to draw more attention. Usually, these hoardings are highly creative and persuade people to engage with them. Additionally, you will also get to see an increase in the number of digital billboards, which is best for optimising brand visibility.

UGC (User-generated Content)

To bring more authenticity to their brand, companies have started enabling their customers to talk about their product or service experiences and share them openly. This enables a brand to maintain transparency with its customers and gives the audience an unbiased view of the brand, which works wonders in acquiring new customers.

Influencer Marketing

The greater the reach, the more the cost of hiring social media influencers, which is why brands have started to target mini or nano influencers in their niche. The honest and dedicated audience of these influencers enables brands to leverage their popularity to increase their sales and promote their product and services. For example, a travel company that collaborates with a travel blogger will get better results than collaborating with some random influencer.

Customer-centric Marketing

The audience is changing, and so are their choices and demands. With the rise of AI and analytics tools, companies are expected to invest more in personalised experiences. People are more likely to engage with a brand that remembers them and their needs and pitches the right offer at the right time with the best price.


People like it when brands engage with them and hear their problems, and what could be better than doing it live with everyone? With social media platforms introducing live feature, connecting with audiences have become easier. This is going to be a trendy option for brands to launch their product/services, give a behind-the-scenes tour of their operations, take public opinions, and more.

It’s just a matter of cracking the code of finding the right format of video marketing to connect with people, and soon, you will see your calculated strategy bringing you the results you want.