We live in an era of digital revolution where social media platforms have become crucial for a successful marketing campaign. No matter how remote you’re living, it has somehow entered every household through photo-sharing apps like Instagram or job search portals like LinkedIn. With billions of people using these platforms every day, needless to say, they provide a perfect opportunity for the business to connect with their target audience. Nevertheless, simply running an ad will not do the job completely, as everyone is doing this, even your competitors. Getting maximum ROI (Return on investment) in social media advertising needs well-planned advertising strategies, and today, we are going to throw light on some of the useful tips to achieve that.

Know your audience

If you know your customer, half of the battle is won there itself. A thorough research on your target audience’s population and their characteristics, along with other details like income, marriage and employment, will greatly help you customise your ad that resonates with your audience.

Determine your goal

Whether you want to increase your brand awareness, bring more traction to your website, increase sales or simply want to do brand reinforcement, the advertising goal should cater to each of your goals differently. For example, for a new brand, selling their product without running a brand awareness campaign would not make any sense.

Choose the right platform

Another important but often trivialised factor is not choosing the right platform for digital advertising. Running an online course ad would do better on platforms like LinkedIn than on X. Likewise, a beauty product advertisement would do better on Instagram than on LinkedIn.

Quality Content

No matter how great your product or service is, bad ad content can ruin the whole marketing campaign. Hence, it is vital to create content which, along with talking about your product/service, also adds some value to your audience’s life. Bombarding people’s feeds with an ordinary ad would only burn your pocket.


Nowadays, people are engaging more with video content than any other form of ad content. Hence, it’s important to follow the trend and release more video advertisements for greater engagement and conversions.

Influencer marketing

Onboarding a big celebrity for your brand promotion is always a very expensive affair, especially for small businesses. Nevertheless, with the increase in the popularity of social media influencers among the masses, you can still reach out to thousands of people through micro or nano influencers at a fraction of the cost of a big celebrity’s fees.

Monitor data and keep experimenting

Now that you have taken all the right steps to maximise ROI, it is time to monitor each metric and understand what’s working and what’s not. Is video content bringing more engagement, or is it the static posts? Which social media platform has the maximum Clickthrough rate? And so on. Make adjustments to your ad campaign accordingly and shoot again!