How to create QR Code

Quick Response Code, widely known as QR Codes, are becoming an integral part of our daily lives. Even if you’re not aware of what they are, you must’ve seen those square-shaped barcodes at random places in public.  

QR codes are programmed to design a large amount of information and promote interaction and engagement. All you need to do to access this information is scan the code with an appropriate digital device. Businesses across industries and scales now use QR codes for marketing and advertising purposes. But before we throw light on that, let’s understand how many types of QR codes are there. 

Types of QR Codes

There are mainly two types of QR codes, each serving a different purpose. 

Let’s dig deep! 

  1. Static QR Codes: In Static QR codes, the information within the code is fixed, and you cannot change it once it is functional. The code that displays the information in a Static QR code is embedded into the QR code itself. These codes are fit to contain permanent information. For example, you can use Static QR Codes to store personal information, one-time codes, etc. 
  1. Dynamic QR Codes: Contrary to Static QR codes, you can edit the content as many times as you need. These codes use a short URL to assist users to the desired page that contains relevant information. 

Which is better – Dynamic or Static? 

As an entrepreneur, you may want to leverage quick response codes to boost your marketing endeavours by improving communication with your users across all channels. Dynamic QR codes are now being extensively used by businesses owners across industries, while static codes are losing prominence. Let’s understand how Dynamic QR codes can be leveraged for taking a business to the next level. 

Applications of Dynamic QR Codes:

As we continue to embrace digital technologies, dynamic QR codes are becoming essential. They are extensively used in the following: 

  1. Touch-Less Services: 

Nowadays, the use of touch-less food ordering and other services is gaining global popularity. With the help of these QR codes, people can carry out contactless transactions and order food with minimal physical interaction. This has not only made things more convenient for users but is also helping to promote hygiene. 

  1. Personalized Content

What do you think happens when you scan a random QR code? Obviously, you will get access to the information stored in the core. But apart from that, the QR code has an algorithm that tracks time, location, and the device with which a user captured it. This helps businesses to generate relevant data and deliver personalized content to different people.  

How to Create a Dynamic QR Code for your Business

Now that you know the application of dynamic QR codes, let’s understand how you can create them. 

Step 1: Find a QR code generating software. You can use the free tools available online. 

Step 2: Choose the type of QR code. In this case, you need to choose a dynamic QR code. 

Step 3: Add all the relevant information. This is the data that you want the users to see when they scan the code. 

Step 4: Customize and style your code. Nowadays, dynamic QR codes need not only be black and white lines. You can style it to attract more customers. 

Step 5: Finally, download the personalized QR code. You should try the QR code yourself before putting it up in any public place. 

How to Use Dynamic QR Codes in your Business

Dynamic QR codes serve a myriad of purposes. Let’s understand how these bar codes can help you in your growth trajectory. 

Here’s what you can do to exploit the many benefits of a dynamic QR code:

1.) Increase App/Website Traffic 

If your business uses a mobile application or a website, you can use dynamic QR codes to garner customer attention. An eye-catchy QR code encourages customers to scan it, which eventually redirects them to your website or the download link of your application. Over time, this can generate a healthy amount of profits. 

2.) Getting Reviews for your Services

Several studies suggest that customers tend to be more open to the idea of availing services that have great reviews. But, getting honest, positive reviews can be tough! You cannot coax your customers into giving you a review, but you can surely make it more convenient for them. QR codes are easy to scan and saves them the trouble of navigating through their cell phones to give your business a review. A QR code will make their job easier and increase the chances of you getting honest customer feedback. 

3.) Monitor Statistics

A QR code is now an integral tool in marketing. It’s now particularly used in advertising. QR codes help businesses store relevant data in the form of statistics that they can use to drive customer engagement by using the data to devise engaging marketing campaigns. QR codes can also help you understand whether you are on the right track to meet your campaign goals. 


Dynamic QR code offers versatility and is now playing an integral role in marketing. As the digital ecosystem is gaining momentum, Dynamic QR codes are becoming the need of the hour for improving communication across all channels. They are now helping businesses of all scales take the next step in their marketing roadmap and maximize overall profitability. 

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