Google trends

Whether finding a place to eat or looking for a new store for shopping, there are hundreds of reasons you use Google. But what if along with these actions, Google could help you create more impactful SEO and content marketing campaigns? Or maybe help you understand your target audience’s behavior and their likes and dislikes for you to create a profile of them for better understanding. Well, that’s now possible – thanks to Google Trends!

But before we start discussing how Google Trends can be pivotal in helping you understand the target audience in a better way, let us first start by understanding what Google Trends is. 

In simple words, it is a website by Google that does an analysis of search queries on Google Search across the globe and ranks them in an order based on popularity. It does so with the help of charts and graphs to analyze the various search queries over a particular period of time. 

The data is anonymous and ranked on the basis of how many times it has been searched on a global scale or even city-level geography. Thus it helps marketers to gain crucial insights into their audience in a much better way in real-time. For example, using Google trends, you can track if the search amount has increased or decreased for a particular topic over time in an area of your liking. 

How Can Google Trends Boost Your SEO Endeavors? 

Now that you have an idea of what Google Trends is and how it works, let us look at some of the ways it SEO specialists and content marketers in their keyword research:

Provides Greater Accuracy of Keywords

Google Trends are the only keyword research tool that provides insights on the basis of real Google searches. While the tool doesn’t have the exact amount of traffic that is available similar to other paid SEO tools, the information provided is more authentic. This is simply because the exact numbers provided by the other SEO tools are estimates made out of the extrapolation of data from data providers. 

Thus adding Google trends to your arsenal with other SEO tools will ensure you have a better output than simply relying on one of the two.

Throws Light On Pool of Crowd-Pulling Topics

Whether it is SEO or content marketing that you want to excel in, managing to grab the attention of a target audience plays a crucial role in both processes. Finding topics that people actually want to read is as important as knowing the technicalities of the process. This is because engagement plays a major role in the desired output of the whole process. 

But finding topics interesting enough to pull the crowd is a difficult task many people have difficulty in; for them, Google trends is a boon. Using specific search phrases in Google Trends, you can better understand the interest around it and decide if it’s worthy of being used for content creation or merely a waste of time and effort.

Highlights Seasonal Trends.

Seasonal trends are of great importance in sectors like hospitality and travel, along with e-commerce. Using Google Trends, you can better understand which product or service sees a spike in its popularity during a particular season. Let us understand this with an example, suppose a dealer of winter wear wants to find out which products are in trend among the youth on Google search results, Google trends can work wonders. 

Not only that, you can also see the months with the most chances of the product receiving greater attention. This information can then be leveraged to have a better understanding of the target audience and strategize for profits.

Helps in Product Innovation

As discussed in above point, Google Trends can help you understand which is the best time for your products to be popular among the target audience. But it doesn’t end here. Did you know you can also use Google Trends for product innovation purposes? 

The preferences of consumers keep changing almost every second and thus it becomes almost impossible to keep track of the latest trends and issues. However, using Google Trends, you can have a better idea of the current market trends and ways to modify their products accordingly. For example, the design, material, etc. of a product can be changed from time to time based on the collected data to keep it relevant to the current styles and ensure constant popularity among the customers.

Aids in Narrowing Down Content Topics

Google Correlate is one of the most underrated tools of Google Trends but still is something everyone related to content creation and marketing should have an idea of. This tool lets you find topics related to your searched terms. Now you might be wondering how that would help you. Let us understand that with an example. Suppose you are planning to write a blog on cooking. Using the Correlate, you’ll come across several other topics that are related to cooking and have been searched by your target audience. 

With Correlate, you’ll have the option to increase your relativity by including the related topics in your work and widening the range of your audience. The wider your content manages to reach, the more chances it has of bringing better traffic to your blog or website. Thus, you can cater to a large group of people instead of focusing on a niche and not compromise on the original intention of creating the content. 

Helps in Building Content Calendar

Knowing which is the best time to post your content is as essential as creating the most creative content. This is because even the best-created content will fail to grab the desired attention if posted without a proper strategy. Posting good content when there is almost no one to engage with it is like throwing away the best tool you have in your arsenal. For example, photos posted on Instagram at certain hours of the day seem to have more reach than those posted randomly. 

But it is quite difficult to know the right time for posting without any proper tools. Using Google Trends can ease the problem for you and let you develop a content calendar for your content marketing strategy. 


Google Trends has a long list of benefits in SEO and content marketing. While the list is a long one, these are just a few of the ways using Google Trends can ease your workflow and ensure better results. And the best part about Google Trends is that it is completely free to use, so you don’t need to shell out another tool to perform your SEO and content marketing tasks. 

If used properly, Google Trends has the potential to bring a drastic change in the quality of your work, and not much technical skill is needed to make use of the tool. Anyone spending some time knowing the tool can start.

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