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You spend a large chunk of your time strategizing the marketing strategy that’d best work for your business. Of course, running advertisements is a primary subset of modern marketing. But it takes a lot to get respectable ROAS (Return on Ad Spend) unless you know how to optimize your advertisements. 

Facebook is a goldmine for generating quality business leads for both B2B and B2C businesses. The only criterion is, you need to have well-optimized Facebook leg generating ad sets. 

In this blog, we will be talking about some of the key things you should keep in mind while designing your Facebook ads. 

Facebook Ads – The Impact and Benefits

Social media marketing plays an integral role in a business’s success. About 3.96 billion people all over the world use social media to interact with each other. Out of this, a whopping 1 billion use Facebook, making it the most consistent and popular platform. 

Here’s what makes Facebook advertisements a crucial part of your overall game-plan:

  • The advertising platform on Facebook offers an intelligent analytics tool. 
  • Facebook allows users to target customers at the micro-level. This means that Facebook will deliver your ads to the people who are more likely to be interested in your business. 
  • Facebook’s CTR (or Click-Through-Rate) is continually rising due to the introduction of robust advertising tools.
  • Facebook allows businesses to create their custom CTA (Call-to-Action) buttons.

The Best Tips for Running Successful Ads on Facebook in 2021

Because Facebook advertisements bring so much to the table, a lot of people are investing in Facebook marketing. Here are the top 9 tips that you can consider implementing while devising your Facebook ads.

  1. Prevent Segmentation of Data

One of the primary reasons for poor ROAS on Facebook is over-segmentation. Facebook uses its algorithm to target the defined customers. Of course, they do so with the help of the data provided. 

When there is limited data on the type of customers we want to target, Facebook’s algorithm suffers, and so does the advertiser’s budget. So, if you try to break down ads to target a set of super-specific people, you will get inconsistent results. 

To get the most of Facebook ads, we need to get their algorithm out of the learning mode. One way to do this is to remove over-segmentation. If your conversion rate is low, try experimenting. You can also try eliminating segmentation around different devices, demographics, and other such details. When you hit your groove, you’ll start getting better results. 

  1. Exploit FTO (Fast Take-Off) Method

When you start your advertising campaign on Facebook, you’ll need to wait for at least a couple of days before you get the results. This means you’ll be wasting crucial time that you could instead spend on optimizing your ads. 

This is where you need to use the Fast Take-Off method. Here’s how to do that:

  1. When you launch your ad campaign on Facebook, allot a budget that surpasses your initial planned budget. 
  2. Make sure you’re not using the ‘Accelerated Delivery’ feature, as it will provide inconsistent results. 
  3. After you get considerable impressions, you can use the data and analytics to start optimizing. 
  4. After making necessary changes, adjust the budget to match the overall ad spend that you had planned. 
  5. Keep an Eye on Your Targeting Strategy

We mentioned earlier that over-segmentation could prove to be wrong. But if some specific data points are not giving you any result, you need to let them go.

Keep experimenting with your target audience – look for outliers that are not performing well. For example, if you feel that your ad isn’t working for a specific age range, remove or change it. 

As a rule of thumb, keep track of your campaign periodically whenever you make any tweaks. 

  1. Rotate Your Ad Content

Regular rotation of the advertisements you put out is vital. You must carefully analyze the relationships between Ad frequency and CTR (Click-Through Rate) and CPC (Cost per Click). 

Customers don’t like to see the same ad over and over again. This results in a gradual decrease in CTR and CPC. The most foolproof solution to this problem is to create multiple variations of the same advertisement. Make necessary rotations after specific periods to get something fresh and keep your target audience interested. 

  1. Make Your Ads Mobile-Friendly

Gone are the days when desktops and laptops were the primary devices to access the internet. Most of the traffic on social media now comes from mobile phone devices. 

There is a vast difference between a desktop interface and a mobile interface. Keeping that in mind, some advertisements might work on computers, but not on mobile browsers. They are slow to load and maybe even harder to spot. 

You need to make sure that your advertisements and even your website are mobile-friendly to make the most of your Facebook advertisements. We mention your website because even if you find an interested customer through your ads, they will leave if they are frustrated with your website’s layout. 

  1. Optimizing Ad-Placement

You might not believe it, but ad placements on Facebook are key in determining the success of your marketing campaigns. 

There is no fixed rule on where you should place your ad to get the optimum results. Rather, you will have to use existing data to make appropriate conclusions. You can check out your most successful (or high-performing) ad placements using the Breakdown Menu on Facebook Ads Manager. You will have the option to break down your advertisements based on placement. 

  1. Place Due Emphasis on Campaign Objective

When you launch a new advertising campaign on Facebook, it will ask you to select a campaign objective. Most people think that this feature is only there to remind the advertisers about their goals and keep track of their progress. However, the campaign objective plays a deeper role. 

It helps Facebook’s algorithm to devise its ad-delivery system for you. What you select as your objective will reflect on the kind of people who get your advertisements. 

To optimize your ad delivery, select objectives that match your overall goals. For example, if you wish to use this campaign to increase brand awareness, then choose ‘Local Awareness’ as your campaign objective to get maximum results. 

  1. Stop Showing Ads to ‘Converted’ Targets

You don’t want your ad budget to get exhausted by showing your ads to the same person who may or not have contributed to your conversion. In other words, you don’t want to target people who have already become your customer through your ads.

There is one simple way to do this:

  • Create a Facebook Custom Audience for users who have engaged with your websites and different web pages. 
  • Use the EXCLUDE option to ensure that Facebook doesn’t target users who have already been converted. 
  1. Start A/B Testing

Getting optimum results from Facebook advertisements requires a lot of testing and experimenting. A/B testing is something that you can perform to determine the success rate of some of your main advertising features like:

  • Designs
  • Headlines
  • Placements
  • CTA Buttons
  • Bidding Methods and so on.

It is fairly simple to conduct an A/B test, and it will immensely help you in the long run. 

Sign Up on Facebook Ads!

Embarking on a journey to achieve optimum results from Facebook ads is an ambitious and educational journey. You will learn a lot about marketing and other related terms. 

Facebook’s popularity speaks for itself. The platform is teeming with potential customers that you need to swoop in and catch with the help of your advertisements. If you implement the tips that we’ve mentioned in the article, you can do just that. And if all seems confusing, you can seek consultation with a digital marketing agency in Dubai

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