Let’s keep the prediction for future endeavours with the psychics and crystal gazers. We, as digital marketers, are good at analysing and tracking the emergence of new trends that might revolutionise the digital space. Juggling their life between marketing budget cuts and social media fatigue among consumers have made it difficult for digital marketers and businesses to convey their message to the target audience.

Several digital marketers and trend analysts have already started analysing marketing trends for 2023. They have started mapping all the small trends happening in the industry to zero in on what will be the next big thing or will substantially impact the digital marketing space. 

Adapts Media can help prepare your brand for the coming trends; our marketers and trends analysts can walk your brand through a successful and fruitful year.

This blog will walk you through a snippet from our analysis of the New Trends in the digital marketing space. Here we have covered all the new trends in the digital marketing space, which you should keep an eye on in 2023. 

Let’s review some of the top digital marketing trends for 2023 and to keep your business and your client’s business on top of them:

The wind of User-Generated Content

If you are from the writing and content marketing domain or you follow Google’s updates, you already have an idea of what Google is working on at the backend and what Google is trying to achieve. For those who have no context about what we are talking here is the definition:

In the context of internet marketing, “user-generated content, or UGC,” refers to any materials produced by members of the public, whether textual or graphic.

To win business from your competitors, your product and brand must be vouched for by its consumer. To do so, ask your consumers to leave feedback on social media or your product page. Some of the pivotal examples of UGC are:

  • Social Media creatives
  • Video Testimonials 
  • Business feedback on business websites
  • Product unboxing videos

Brands can build a robust brand presence by making their customers their advocates. At Adapts Media, we create user-generated content through google my business and reviews on social media channels like Facebook, Instagram, and so on.  

According to us, User-Generated Content will be a popular trend in digital marketing in 2023.

Keep an eye on various channels of communication

Email marketing is among the most trusted, proven, and effective communication sources and has been in the marketing space for a long time. But with the introduction of AI and chatbots, companies have the leverage of multi-channel communication to reach a wider audience. 

Chatbots have become an efficient and effective mode of communication with the audience. Integrating social media channels like WhatsApp, Instagram, and Facebook allows for a multi-layer audience interaction platform with chatbots.

Voice Search is the real deal

Since the arrival of search, people have found their task minimalistic, but since voice search has come into the picture, 50% of the search traffic has been shifted to voice search. Brands are leveraging and optimising their content to convert sales through voice search. There are several AI tools in the market that brands rely on for converting a streamlined voice search sales path.

If you are a brand looking to hire professionals to pave the traces of your product to make successful sales through voice search, our SEO team at Adapts Media can come in handy. Reach out to our Seo personnel (+971 58 560 1701 & Info@adaptsmedia.com) and get your product’s voice search ready.

AI is the Gold

The marketing space has evolved over the last decade. Frak, even five years ago, seems like a whole other time! Today’s marketing campaigns focus on integrating cutting-edge tech and providing innovative answers. Technological advancements in the form of Artificial Intelligence are all around us.
Per the reports of PwC, Artificial Intelligence provides several commercial opportunities for all companies and industries. By 2030, a decade from now, artificial intelligence will have significantly increased global GDP potential, boosting it by 14% and adding an extra $15.7 trillion to the worldwide economy.

You can’t rely on one marketing channel; put your money into conversational marketing

Relying on single Marketing will limit your brand’s visibility and reach. Opening doors to other marketing channels/funnels will result in multiple touchpoints to convert them into positive leads. With Chatbots in the picture as a new pivotal tool for Digital Marketing, conversational marketing can be the new big thing. 

While shopping from a brand, customers are interested in talking while shopping, and interacting with the brand in real-time provides customers with a sense of personalization. The thing that makes conversational marketing stand out from the rest is conventional marketing strategies are available not only for one channel it is functional for multi-channel marketing. 

Key Takeaways

Looking out for these 5 new trends in digital marketing for 2023 will make your marketing journey smoother. After knowing what you have to look for this year, acting proactively can take your business to new heights. Being the marketing field a rat race, keeping yourself ahead of the rest will require continuous efforts and dynamic thinking to hone your marketing strategies. 

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