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Date: 02-08-2022 | Author: Adapts Media

Where will we start if we have to make well-developed and stats-based digital marketing strategies? What are the differences between short-term vs. long-term digital marketing strategies? Investing in online marketing and long Term Digital Marketing is one of the most crucial things for a business suite. With every advancement and upgradation in the digital marketing world, traditional marketing tools and traditional marketing techniques are becoming ineffective for eCommerce or digital service sales

The goal of any digital marketing strategy is to provide instant boosts and should be result driven. Some marketing strategies provide results quickly, while others are long-term digital marketing strategies that have negligible effect in the short run. So which digital marketing strategy to choose from? And which digital marketing strategy does the brand need a short-term or long-term digital marketing strategy? 

With this blog, we will walk through:

  1. How long should a digital marketing strategy last? 
  2. Which digital marketing strategy will provide the optimum result 
  3. Which marketing strategy is the most result-driven? 

The blog will also tell us the difference between short-term vs. long-term digital marketing strategies!  

Detailed brief on short-term vs. long-term digital marketing strategies

If we are an entrepreneur, we might already know or currently using a digital marketing strategy for our brand, but have we analyzed our digital marketing strategies based on short-term vs. long-term digital marketing strategies? Will our crafted plan drive the optimum results in the period we expect? Note that the thought behind a digital marketing strategy is to be result driven and within the timeframe designed by the digital marketing agencies or the digital marketing team. 

It’s crucial to mix long-term marketing strategies and short-term marketing strategies to achieve the targets. If we just have started or want to lift our business off the ground, mixing short-term strategies and long-term marketing strategies will be the best suggestion as it will give the company an instant start and will have a long-term effect on it too. 

We can always use long-term digital marketing strategies like:

  1. Web Designing
  2. Content marketing
  3. Search engine optimization (SEO) 
  4. Building brand presence

To get an organic audience in the long run. 

On the other hand, we can also use short-term digital marketing strategies like:

  1. Pay-per-click campaigns (PPC)
  2. Social media advertising
  3. Geofencing advertising
  4. Email marketing

To derive results in the short run.  

So, What are the Short-term and long-term digital marketing strategies? 

Whether we are looking for instant results or having a long-term vision from the marketing strategies, using a mixture of both is beneficial for business for a long time. Let’s understand these Short-term and long-term digital marketing strategies in detail. 

Web design

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Web designing is one of the long-term digital marketing strategies. Web designing presents your brand beautifully and helps you generate authenticity towards your brand in front of the customers. Developing a fully functional and well-organized website requires weeks of time and effort. Designing a layout and writing some codes does not come under a long-term marketing strategy – driving traffic and conversion on a freshly-build website will come under a long-term marketing strategy goal. Below are the stages of Web Designing: 

  1. Prototype
  2. Formatting
  3. Construct
  4. Content performance
  5. Keyword targeting
  6. Ranking in search engine results pages (SERP)
  7. Optimizing pages to rank better in search engines
  8. Increasing clicks
  9. Increasing website traffic
  10. Increasing sales

The above cycle explains why web designing comes under the long-term marketing strategy. Being a website designing one of the critical places to drive leads and conversion for the brand, it needs to look attractive and smooth and should rank in the top results of the search engine for which you need to create a strong content marketing strategy.

You need very crisp and SEO-friendly content to ensure you rank at the top chart of the Google search control. Apart from tight content, we need to have an SEO-friendly website, which means all points below need to be fulfilled too:

  1. High-quality multimedia throughout the content
  2. Quick page speed
  3. Effective, intuitive navigation
  4. Sitemap
  5. Enlightening, targeted content
  6. Mobile-friendly layout
  7. Compressed data

These points will work together in creating long-term digital marketing strategies. With continuous updates on your website, optimizing page load speed, and optimizing the content, we can rank our website at the top of the search. As this process is not an overnight project, we must nurture the website’s element daily to rank it at the top.

Content Marketing

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Content Marketing is another long-term digital marketing strategy crucial to the marketing strategy. The use of content is to teach the visitors to your website and tell them about our products and services. The content also helps a website market itself at the top of the search results.  

We can create content including targeted and research keywords that need to fit in the headings, title tags, meta tags, and the content to target your audience directly. Here are a few content marketing strategies that are helpful in a long-term digital marketing strategy:

  1. Brainstorm content ideas based on target keywords
  2. Look for related keywords
  3. Create content based on target keywords
  4. Include secondary keywords in the content
  5. Implement content on the website
  6. Optimize title tag and meta description
  7. Wait for Google to crawl and index your content
  8. Wait for your content to rank
  9. Post your content on social media
  10. Share your content in email campaigns

There is no guarantee with SEO-friendly content that it will rank and appear at the top of the Google search results. But to have optimum results, optimizing and creating content that suits the SEO Guidelines is prescribed. Content Marketing is a never-ending cycle if you want to lead the leadership board.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

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SEO is the base of all digital marketing strategies if you are willing to add the efforts to rule google’s policies. SEO is the best and the most authentic long-term digital marketing strategy which takes time and provides results in the long run. If your digital marketing strategy is for the long run, then choosing SEO would be the best advice. SEO means optimizing your website to rank it at the top search results. This helps you earn traffic and clicks on the websites. Some SEO strategies that will help you rank higher on Google are:

  1. Internal linking
  2. User-friendly design
  3. Keywords implementation
  4. Use of headings in the content
  5. Clean internal code

As per Google, these strategies help you rank content on the search, so implementing them will be crucial and fruitful. Since Google is interested mainly in delivering the best results and user experience to their users, it’s critical to consider all the mentioned points to make a user-friendly website with strong interlinking to make your website Google-friendly. 

Building brand presence

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Using Marketing approaches like SEO, Social Media, and content to build your brand presence. Brand building is a long-term digital marketing strategy that can be done with the help of SEO. Brand building can be done by adding our brand name in the titles to highlight them when someone visits our websites. 

If the word appears multiple times, it might make the customers buy your products from the website. Combining paid ads and organic search volume with the earlier strategies will help create a clean brand image. When our product appears on the SERP numerous times, adding our brand names with every title will help you create brand recognition. We can also start building our brand presence by regularly posting on social media channels like Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. 

Pay-per-click campaigns

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A pay-per-click campaign is one of the quickest and shortest ways to boost a brand quickly in short-term vs. long-term digital marketing strategies. PPC advertisement allows us to appear on the top of the Google search results (If you won the bid for your desired Keywords). This means once you start a PPC advertisement, you can instantly get visitors to your brand or your website and convert them into a sale with the help of a good landing page.

PPC campaigns are helpful for both short-term and long-term marketing strategies depending upon the maintenance and optimization of the campaigns and long-term marketing strategies like remarketing. Remarketing is a process to reflect the ads to only those who have previously shown interest in your brand or the company. Remarketing is an effective way to get interested users to revisit the website.

Geofencing advertising

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Those companies looking forward to targeting a specific set of users within pre-defined geographic perimeters use Geofencing advertising. Geofencing ads are those PPC ads that only appear to those searching those keywords from the desired geographic edges. These ads are highly recommended and valuable to those who have a shop or a brand in a specific region. 

These ads only trigger when a potential consumer enters your virtual space. As Geofencing advertising immediately targets the potential customers in your virtual boundaries like other PPC campaigns, it is considered among the short-term digital marketing strategies. 

Social media advertising

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With an enormous 13.13% increase in social media users every 

year, social media campaigns are the best short-term digital marketing strategies for a quick lift and kick-starting a business. Like other short-term digital marketing strategies, social media advertising instantly starts building engagement on your social media and your website, depending on the type of social media advertisement you are running. Platforms like Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, and Facebook provide ads to reach your audience with the help of desired keywords and other characteristics. Below are some features which you can choose before setting up a social media campaign

  1. Demographics
  2. Geographic location
  3. Education
  4. Gender
  5.  Marital Status
  6. Job Status
  7. And More.

As every business has a separate set of audiences to target, making a targeted ad will help you reach out to a broader audience and will benefit the conversion ratio. 

Email Marketing

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Email marketing is one of the most cost-effective ways to stay in touch with potential customers. Email Marketing is one of the authentic and result-oriented short-term digital marketing strategies used by various digital marketing firms and marketers. It allows staying in touch with your customers who have previously shown interest in your website and keeping them posted about all the updates you and your brands are having in the organization. Email Marketing helps you reach out to your ultimate consumers in real-time and in large numbers. As most of us check our emails very often, it allows our end users to be updated at their convenience. 

As we know the number of emails we are sharing, we can keep an easy track of our consumers’ reactions to the mail, how many of them have unsubscribed us, and how many went through with it. Since most email marketing is cost-efficient, we can reach out to a broader audience with less expenditure on marketing.

Wrapping Up short-term vs. long-term digital marketing strategy which one to choose?

If you are on the borderline of deciding which digital marketing strategy to go for, keep in mind that short-term digital marketing strategies are quick winners, and long-term digital marketing strategies are for a big and long-term league. Adapts media is one of the top digital marketing agencies and a leader in the digital marketing world. We are a time of well-trained and professional employees working day and night to provide our clients their desired results in remarkable time. 

With over 20 marketing specialists, we are the best digital marketing agency your business is looking for. We offer overall digital support from ADs campaigning to social media campaigning, lead generation campaigning, content marketing, and much more. 

We design digital marketing strategies per clients’ vision and mission and help them reach their goals with minimum disturbance. With over five years of experience in the digital world, we know exactly where your brand is lagging and the kickstart it needs to make it rank at the top of the Google search and help you in the conversion of potential customers into sales.

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to gain a competitive edge. Contact our team for expert assistance.

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