features your eCommerce sites

What are the unique features of an eCommerce website? What are the features of the online shopping project? With digitalization, there is a massive increase in the audience surfing the internet all over the globe. Several Websites and social media platforms have become integral parts of peoples’ digital life. Ecommerce websites play a crucial role in the retailers’ and buyers’ day-to-day lives. But before proceeding to anything further, let’s understand what E-commerce is.

eCommerce or eCommerce sites have evolved dramatically over the years in profound ways. eCommerce or electronic commerce stands for all the activities related to buying and selling products and services over the internet, from books to electronics, software, furniture, and even cars are sold through eCommerce websites. The platform has provided the user the power to buy or sell whenever they want, whatever they want.

With the facts and statistics from various renowned studies, it is assumed that the eCommerce market will grow explosively with anticipation of a 276.9% global market share by the end of 2023. 

Creating a new website or entering the eCommerce league is not a no-brainer or easy-to-accomplish job. Below are the few essential features your eCommerce sites must have to stay in the appropriate competition and attract new customers. 

User-Friendly Navigation

One of the unique features of eCommerce websites is making your website User-Friendly Navigation means your customers can find what they are looking for quickly and in no time—creating individual pages for different products and ordering products based on brands and price. Making quick likes for sales that are running at present along with links or newly launched products and products filtered as the price and customer review provide a clean and User-Friendly Navigation.  

Site Search

Site search is one of the crucial features of an eCommerce website. Site search is usually found on top eCommerce websites, making them authentic and helping customers connect with the products they are looking for. It allows customers instantly go to the product page rather than through the navigations. As most site searches can be tracked with the help of Google Analytics, it helps to understand what our audience is looking for and in what number.

Chat widgets

Good customer service is crucial for any eCommerce business. Modern-day customers are demanding, and to win their trust, it is essential to offer them quality support. This can be achieved with the help of chat widgets which are pop-up windows to enable fast and smooth interaction between the business and the customer. Chat widgets offer AI-powered support or human agents to communicate with your clients. These tools answer all your customers’ queries and requests, save abandoned carts, ask for feedback, and make your support faster and more efficient without a massive investment by you.

Product Videos

Product Videos are another unique feature of an eCommerce website that recently went viral. Adding a video to the product provides authenticity to the product and helps in building consumers’ trust in the product. According to several surveys conducted by Google, more than 50% of shoppers found it convenient to decide whether to buy those products or not with the help of the videos provided to them. Various eCommerce platforms allow vendors to add videos and images to their products to increase their authenticity. These videos include clips highlighting the quality of the product, pictures of the product, and more.

Product Reviews

Product reviews and ratings are eCommerce websites’ most popular UGC or user-generated content. This section of the product page is a social proof allowing shoppers to go through the experiences of others and understand whether this will fit their needs or not. Popular websites like Amazon, eBay, Flipkart, Alibaba, Snapdeal, Myntra, Shein, Thecaphevietnam, etc., allow consumers to rate their products with valuable comments displayed on the bottom of the product.

Generous Return Policy

To increase consumers’ authenticity and confidence in the website and product you are selling, offering a generous return policy highlighted on the product page helps build consumers’ trust. eCommerce websites like Amazon, Flipkart, etc., try to highlight the return and replacement policy at the top of the product page.

Order Tracking

Order Tracking sounds not that crucial for an eCommerce website, but they are one of the critical features of an online shopping project. Once a customer has placed an order on the website, his initial response or following action is to check when his product will be delivered. The web developers and designers must ensure the order tracking page is simple and only requires email or order numbers to track them. 


After product reviews, FAQ is another essential page section for your product pages. Besides adding a FAQ about the products, consider adding FAQ pages for the website and the interface. These FAQs should cover all the questions from security, payments, shipping, returns, privacy, and more. They should also answer all those frequent questions that most customers ask. This helps customers save time going back-in-forth with the tech support to solve simple issues.

Wrapping Up

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