Everyone enjoys notoriety while sharing their point of view with the general public. Creating short-form videos about various topics of content on video-sharing apps allows creators to reach out to their audience in an interactive way. If you are among those who are already a part of this industry or are on the verge of stepping into this industry, this blog is for you. Among numerous popular short-form video applications, Tiktok is among the most popular among active users, with a steady increase of 142% of active users every year. As per their Q4 report, TikTok had 1.2 billion monthly active users across the world. So, what is Tiktok? Why is Tiktok so popular?

What is Tiktok?

Tiktok is considered among people’s favorite short forms; a video-sharing application made with a broader concept, not limited to lip-syncing to music and famous dialogues.

Other than its competitors, Tiktok provides its users with a wide selection of sounds and song snippets, with numerous special effects and filters, and the capability to shoot and edit on their phones. Tiktok also provides a reaction to the video option where people can react and share their views on others’ creations and can collab with other creators.

 Why is Tiktok so popular?

With so many video-creating options and the capability to perform a quality video over your phone, it is among the best and most used short-form video-creating applications on the internet. One of the impactful reasons behind Tiktok’s popularity is the freedom to create a wide variety of videos, including dance clips and challenge videos, to magic tricks and comedic skits.

Apart from these exciting and innovative features and the app’s global presence, Tiktok focuses on localized content to attract local audiences from various parts of the globe. Tiktok is consistent with running and promoting localized content, and they push local trending hashtags into content creation. This results in the app’s increased localized searches and popularity in various countries. Apart from this, Tiktok shows personalized recommendations per the locality and user’s preferences.

How do I use TikTok?

TikTok’s interface has revolutionized the process of creating and viewing videos, which is pretty easy due to its condensed length. Users may document their everyday activities and share the results immediately. 

When users launch the app, they are immediately exposed to this short-form video material. As the films play one after the other, the spectator is quickly immersed in a sea of engaging and engagingly addicting video material. It’s easy for individuals to lose track of time when viewing videos online because of how fascinating the subject is.

How to use Tiktok for business?

When compared to other social media sites, TikTok doesn’t even come close to being an advertising medium, and hence the app doesn’t support standard display advertisements. But as TikTok keeps getting more and more popular, more and more companies are starting to realize that it could be a great place to advertise.

TikTok challenges and competitions are just one example of how many companies have used user-generated content to grow their brand. Brands are using hashtags on TikTok in much the same way they are used on other social media sites.

Brands may also use TikTok by teaming up with popular users to produce original promotional videos. All that will change is that the videos will be 15 seconds long on TikTok, precisely like any other influencer partnership.

What Is the Future of TikTok?

 The increase in Tiktok’s popularity and success in reaching the streets of several countries have boosted Tiktok’s potential to entire in different domains. Recently, Tiktok has started the search for partners who have the potential to help them launch a fully functional e-commerce website.

Per the recent updates from the Financial Times, Tiktok has been talking with US-based TalkShopLive. Tiktok is looking for infrastructure for its online shopping platform, and this will allow brands and creators to collaborate and sell their products online on one platform. TalkShopLive’s 10% service fee from vendors during the project’s beta phase is anticipated to foot the bill for TikTok.

According to the source, the conditions of the partnership between TikTok and TalkShopLive have not been completed, despite the fact that the latter company secured $6 million in a seed extension round last year.

As a result, there is little knowledge about whether and when the store functionality will go live.

Last year, TikTok partnered with Shopify to provide e-commerce functionality, allowing business accounts to add product catalogs to a separate tab on their profiles. In addition, the firm supplied companies with resources for developing, launching, and tracking advertising campaigns on the service. This past June, TikTok also began developing a specialized shop feed that would include items offered by merchants inside the app.

Its live shopping product has been put through its paces in the United Kingdom. For the first time, it began testing this function in a market outside of Asia late last year. A July article in the Financial Times said that the company was rethinking its plans to bring live shopping to other countries after the pilot didn’t go as planned.

Bottom Line

With the increased hype in the market share of the world’s top social media applications, Tiktok has a lot of potentials to serve the e-commerce market. With this news, we can expect a significant revamp of the online selling sector. Adapts Media is among the leading digital marketing firms in the UAE, and we are known for our social media marketing advertising and web development.

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