Wincher keyphrase performance tracker

How to use Wincher? How to use the Wincher Wincher keyphrase performance tracker? How to integrate Wincher with WordPress? Before integrating inexpensive and valuable software into your website, you must understand whether you need it or not. Wincher is a new tool added by Yoast SEO for beginners who want to start an SEO analysis for a website. The feature also allows a keyphrase performance tracker that enables the user to analyze up to 100 keywords on which the user wants to rank. The tools also will enable a competitor analysis where you can track all the high-volume keywords on which your competitors are ranking. 

If you are a content writer and want to rank your content on the web, do keyword research and analysis. So to answer the question of who can use the Wincher tracker? Anyone who wants to do keyword research to write and publish keywords oriented articles and wants to run a real-time and frequent competitive analysis can use this. The interface is fundamental and user-friendly, helping beginners to understand it easily. 

Track Your performance with the Wincher

Wincher in Yoast SEO not only helps in running the competitor analysis but also helps in keeping track of your performance. Wincher enables you to keep an easy track of how your keywords are performing and their position as per google indexing. Wincher allows you to keep a real-time understanding of how your posts rank over time. With this type of accurate data, you can keep track of whether your data is working or not, and it helps you find your competitive domains.

As a user, you will read only those blogs fulfilling your necessities. Keep the exact data for analysis. Wincher provides competitive analysis and keywords to let the writer know which are the trending keywords and which keywords are most used by the ultimate to read or find similar content to rank yours. Every keyword analysis in wincher comes with complete and real-time position tracking, keyword position, and volume according to google’s search results.

How to run the Keyword tracking integration in Yoast SEO

keyphrase performance tracker
  1. To use Wincher Keyword tracking integration, you must integrate Wincher with the Yoast SEO. Go to SEO – Click on general, then click on integrations. You will find Wincher toggle. Click on that, and turn it on as shown in the picture below.
  1. Open a published post, article, or page, and scroll down to the end of the page, where you will find the Yoast SEO options. Go to the ‘Track SEO performance’ tab in the sidebar or the meta box.’ Don’t forget to add the focus keyphrase to the post.
  1. Click the ‘Connect with Wincher’ button under the SEO performance section. As soon as you click the Track SEO performance button, you will be redirected to a new window. You must follow the instructions to log in, sign up, and connect your site with Wincher. After successful interlinking of the site and the Wincher, you will be redirected back to the post or the editing screen, where you will see the message of a successful connection between the two.
  1. After a successful connection between your site and Wincher, you can select the keyphrase you want to track. You have to turn on the tracking toggle next to the key phrase, which will immediately start showing you the ranking of that particular keyword, its position, and its position over time. The data will be displayed in real-time and according to the google keyword search console. 
  1. After Turing the Tracking Toggle, you will find a view link button. On clicking the View button, you will find more information about the selected keyword in the search results. You can also access the Wincher dashboard for further insights about the keywords.
  1. After all these analyses, the last thing to do is to improve the content and add the keywords between the content to enhance the search volume of the content.


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