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Date: 28-06-2022 | Author: Adapts Media

What is Wincher Yoast? What is the Wincher pricing? What is the Wincher keyphrase performance tracker? Wincher is one of the latest updates in the Yoast Seo. Suppose you are a blogger or running your website. In that case, you might know how important keywords and competitor analysis are if you have recently started this or are on a budget and can’t purchase expensive tools like Ahref, SEMrush, Moz, and Yoast premium and using the free version for the competitive analysis. Wincher might be an excellent tool for you. Wincher is a 7-dollar tool that is very cheap and affordable compared to other tools. This tool also allows for adding a second domain for 3-dollars. Isn’t that a pretty sweet deal? This tool also comes with a keyword rank tracker named wincher rank tracker, which shows focus keyword ranking very accurately and in real-time.

Though buying expensive premium products is pretty sweet, you get a lot of extra stuff, but do you need that at the initial stage? With more than 70000 searches every second on Google, finding a less competitive keyword with a decent volume is crucial. You might also see a few examples where even though people succeeded in finding a low, competitive keyword to add to their content but they still fail to rank. Ever wondered why this happens? This all happens because they never keep a continuous check on the performance of the keywords on a daily/weekly/monthly basis. 

So, without much ado, let’s dive into the latest and exciting upgrade of Yoast Seo.

What is Wincher?

Wincher is a web application specially designed by Yoast Seo to track and showcase the page ranking, display daily rankings, keywords rankings, competitors’ keywords, and their ranking. Wincher also helps monetize SEO and comes with an optional plug-in for WordPress. 

So, in simple words, if we have to answer the question What is Wincher? Wincher is a simple and inexpensive tool used as a rank tracker in SEO that helps to keep an eye on the keywords our competitors and we are using in the content being published by both. It also helps in letting the author know whether their content is performing well or not in terms of SEO. Tools like Page rank tracker is always beneficial for both the beginners and the experts as it makes it easier to understand and rule the SEO. 

What are the features of the Wincher?

The introduction of Wincher came with several features too:

Keywords Monitoring

If you are a beginner and monitor a single website, Choosing one domain with the feasibility of monitoring 100 keywords is more than enough to have a great start. With wincher pricing starting at $7 a month and $3.50

every month, add a different domain that, with so many valuable features, can really give you a kick-start. A valid purchase of Wincher will allow you to study and monitor up to 100 keywords at a time. You will also be able to gauge and create a weekly ranking and occurring change report in the SERP. 

To make the competitor analysis easy to understand, the Wincher keyphrase performance tracker shows the data a graphical representation with comprehended analysis showing which keyword is performing better than the last week and which keyword is performing poorly than the previous week. 

Keyword Group

To better manage these many keywords and better organize them, Wincher lets you group keywords with a plug-in that is easy to connect with the website. You can directly visit Wincher’s website and group the keywords there.  

Let’s understand this with an example if you are performing an SEO keywords audit for a sports or fashion website. You can create a keywords group name ‘sports’ and ‘fashion’ where you can put all the related keywords related to that website. It will help you save the hassle of sorting again and again at the time of analysis. 

Wincher rank tracker allows you to create 3-4 groups, where you can analyze various sets of keywords of different volumes to create long-tail keywords to use in the content for the website. This helps to drive a lot of traffic to the website.

Keyword Research 

Wincher shows the search volume, CPC, competitors’ analysis, and content count to have an in-depth analysis and choose a good keyword with low competition to rank on. 

When you find a good search volume keyword with a good CPC, you can add it to your tracked keywords very quickly, making Wincher easy and convenient to use. You can do bulk actions on the tracked keywords and compare all of them at a time.

Comparing Results with Competitors

You can’t be at the top without knowing your competition. Wincher is the best tool to cover this matter. When you enter a keyword in the rank tracker, it will automatically show you the related keyword on which your competitors are ranking. This feature is handy to do better than them and be on the top.

Wincher allows you to select up to two competitor websites to measure the results. The website shows the results in bar-form and tabular form and helps you ace ranking. All you need to do is type the keywords and see which website is ranking on that to be on top.


It is tedious for people to gauge the results steadily. To overcome this issue, Wincher has developed a reporting option enabling people to go through a report generated on a daily/weekly/monthly statement and will be sent to their mail at their convenience. 

This report is a very lovely tactic to have a close check on the performance of the keywords. The report contains the ranking path, ranking position, and more. The information is time-specific and is generated according to the user’s requirement. 


In conclusion, Wincher is an excellent method to start an SEO of your website and bring it to the top on the desired keywords. It is very cheap and userfriendly and provides 24/7 technical support for beginners. Wincher shows very accurate results and saves time due to various user-friendly features. People can also opt for free trials before integrating this with the website.

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